Learn how to install windows 8.1 on Your Computer

Step1:- Firstly, you need to plug in in your windows 8.1 bootable USB flash drive and restart your computer.

Step2:- When your computer reboots, enter your system’s BIOS settings and you need to set your installation media. Now, you need to save your BIOS settings and restart your computer.

Step3:- When your computer restarts, you need to press any key to boot from your installation media. You have to click any key to continue.

Step4:- You will watch the succeeding loading screen with a circling progress bar. Wait for a few minutes till the compulsory files are loaded. Required any help, call at Windows8.1 Operating System Help number 1-844-200-0209 for instant help.

Step5:- After this, you will see following screen where you need to choose time, keyboard layout, language and currency format. Select your needed settings and click on Next step.

Step6:- Next screen, click on “Install now” after which you need to wait for a few seconds for the set up procedure to begin.

Step7:- Enter your windows 8.1 Product key. You can use windows 8 activation key or product key that came with windows 8.1. You should enter your product key rightly and click on Next option.

Step8:- You should Read the license terms and conditions carefully before you continue to install windows 8.1 on your computer.  When it is completed and click on next to proceed with windows 8.1 installation.

Step9:- One next screen, select the type of your installation and choose the second option that is custom like install windows only.

Step10:- Next step, you will be needed to choose a drive to install windows 8.1.  You have two options- First is that you have to format a drive and second is that install windows 8.1directly. If you face difficulty to do this step, you must call Windows 8.1 Operating Systems Technical Support team to get instant technical help.

Step11:- Now, wait for installation procedure to complete, this process should take more than 10 minutes.

Step12:- When the installation procedure is done. Automatically, your system will reboot and boot into Windows 8.1.  After a short period of time, your computer will reboot again.

In addition, online computer technicians are very knowledgeable and proficient for guiding every user to install windows 8.1 into the system step by step. They are very smart for solving all kinds of problems related to installation. Windows 8.1 Operating System Support team is always available to help all users for any issue.


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