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How to Fix Frequent Explorer.exe Crashes in Windows 8.1?

The Windows File Explorer is a major part of the Windows OS. It manages multiple tasks like browsing files and folders on computer and more. Sometimes, you may experience problems with Windows File Explorer such frequent freeze and crashes, specifically on a lower –spec machine, to deal with you can take help from experts at Windows 8.1 Technical Support Services. Moreover, the error messages with the problem are usually not well-mentioned. For instance, you will get a bank alert window with the message “Unfortunately, Explorer.exe has stopped working.” Here, we have discussed some of the suitable workarounds to deal with the problem in Windows 8.1.

Ensure Windows is updated and safe from Malware:

Before preceding any other option to deal with the problem, you should ensure that your computer has all the latest updates of Microsoft and there is no malware, virus or any malicious content that can be the source of issues. In case, you do not have automatic updates enables, go with the W…

How to Fix Windows 8.1 OS If It Does not Respond When the Laptop is Switched On?

Every so often, when windows 8.1 operating system is not responding when you switch on your laptop, if you leave it for little period or restart the laptop, it will begin working normally. A hardware failure in your laptop or a driver which is outdated can be most common errors which can affect your computer system in such a way.
Important instructions on how to fix windows 8.1 OS If this does not respond when the laptop is switched on:-