How to Fix Windows 8.1 OS If It Does not Respond When the Laptop is Switched On?

Every so often, when windows 8.1 operating system is not responding when you switch on your laptop, if you leave it for little period or restart the laptop, it will begin working normally. A hardware failure in your laptop or a driver which is outdated can be most common errors which can affect your computer system in such a way.

Important instructions on how to fix windows 8.1 OS If this does not respond when the laptop is switched on:-

Step 1:- If windows 8.1 OS restarts from the freezing state you will need to access the control panel just by following instructions given below:-

Step 2:-Press and hold “Windows” option and “X” option. If you face any big challenge regarding this error, you can take help just by dialing toll free Windows 8.1 Operating System Support Phone Number 1-844-200-0209 from computer experts.

Step 3:- Left click or tap on the “Control panel” feature that displays in the menu you have in front of you.

Step 4:-You will see a feature like “Action center” and you will require left clicking or tapping on the “Troubleshoot common computer errors” link under it.

Step 5:-Make left click or tap on the “System and security” feature available in the “Troubleshooting” window.

Step 6:-Make left click “System Maintenance” option you have in the next window.

Step 7:- You will have in front of you a “System Maintenance” window in which you will need to left click or tap on “Run as administrator” link located under the “Troubleshooting with administrator permissions might find more problems” topic.

Step 8:- You should follow important steps on the screen to finish the troubleshooting procedure and reboot your windows 8.1 laptop to see if this freezes again. If you have any difficulty, you should call at toll free windows 8.1 operating systems technical support phone number to get instant technical support or help from certified technical experts.

If you have made any latest hardware changes to the laptop specially a hard drive change please make sure that you installed it properly. If hard drive is not installed appropriately in the laptop, your windows 8.1 operating system is most absolutely reacting like this because of it. In addition, you need to do a clean reinstallation of your windows 8.1 operating system. Before reinstalling windows 8.1 operating system, so it is very essential to take back up all your files and folders from the hard drive. If still you are experiencing this error, you should call at Windows 8.1 Technical Support Number 1-844-200-0209 for immediate results.


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