Best Technical Steps Are Available To Install Windows 7 into Computer

The easy and affordable way to install Windows 7 operating systems is to do a cleaning installation procedure.  It is hassle free and fast to perform a clean installation. You can take complete technical help from experienced technicians, who are very experienced for this technical error. Before you start installation process, so you must follow some important steps given below:-

  • Turn on your computer system and click F2 without any trouble. There is an option to boot CD/DVD. You need to choose that file. Windows will start loading its files. If you have any technical error, you must call at toll free Windows 7 Operating Systems Tech Support Phone Number 1-844-200-0209 for quick help.
  • After this technical step, you will see “Windows Set up window”. This is the main part to select language for windows.  Select “Language” option and click on Next option. Click on “Install now option” and continue for next technical step.  If you have any technical issue, you should call online technical support team for instant help.
  • Click on “I accept” button in license agreement. After this technical step, there will be a technical option to install windows. “Custom and Upgrade”. Therefore, we are installing clean version and therefore click “Custom” option. If you have any issue, you should call at toll free Windows 7 Operating Systems Technical Support Phone Number 1-844-200-0209 for best technical help.
  • You need to do the separating process of your drive. This is very compulsory part of installation process in which you allot your spaces to your drive. If you want new drive and click on “New” option and it will be created.
  • Now select drive in which you want to install windows. Click on “Format” option to delete all data and click “Next” option to proceed.
  • After this process, windows will begin installing its files.
  • When your files are installed successfully.  Your computer system will be rebooted and see” User setting screen” option. Basically add your name and password and proceed “Next” option.
  • Now you should to activate windows 7 operating system and add product key into the computer system and click “Next” button.
  • After this technical step, you have installed windows. You need to keep needed information like your computer location, Timing, Time zone and update. There are 3 options such as Public, Home and work. Select anyone of them as per location.
  • Finally, you have installed your Windows 7 operating systems successfully. At this instant, you can see your desktop screen. It is very simple to set up desktop and use it properly. If you are getting any error regarding this installation issue, you must call at Windows 7 Operating System Help Phone Number 1-844-200-0209 for immediate help.


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