Simple Ways to Fix Freezing Problems in Windows 8.1 Updates

Windows 8.1 is one of the latest versions of Microsoft which has surprised thousands of users with its excessive utility and fun giving apps. But right now, mostly users have initiated encountering boo-boos whereas installing the updates of windows 8.1.  Users say that their laptops get stuck or freeze during installation procedure. The real cause for this problem to go off is some service running in the background that seems to be incompatible or often it may be caused because of apps which are inappropriate for your computer system. For any kind of technical assistance, you can connect with reliable Windows 8.1 Support team to get quick responses.


As per the advice of online windows 8.1 technical support, this can happen in given below:-
  • If you get any message saying, “Installing updates this or that. Kindly do not switch off your computer system” while installation of updates and computer system gets trapped there.
  • If you get any of declared messages and PC freezes- Don’t turn off your computer system and preparing to configure windows.
  • If you get no error message and computer freeze while window update is scanning for updates.
Online Windows 8.1 Technical support has suggested perfect technical answers for unsolved technical errors:-

Use Windows 8.1 Troubleshooter:-

To solve this error instantly, you can use windows 8.1 Troubleshooter called fix it. All of you need to do is to click “fix it” when the wizard opens and hit “Run” button in the file download box. After this technique, you must follow the procedure as displayed in the Fix it wizard. If you want to ask about any tool from experts, you can call at toll free Microsoft Office Support Number 1-844-200-0209 for quick assistance.

Try to Run the Scanning Procedure Again-

If problem occurs while the computer system scans the updates, you need to try to run the scan again and optimistically this error will be solved here. If still it continues, you can follow below explained things.


Do a System Restore-

You can do a system restore in windows 8.1 while you begin your computer just by using windows installation disc. You can do the system recovery simply on the startup.  Follow below few and fast technical instructions:-
  • Turn off computer system and click on “Power “button.
  • Hit on power option to turn on the computer system.
  • Press on “Power” button situated in the right corner on logon screen.
  • Click on “restart” button after pressing the shift key.
  • Go to Troubleshoot on “Select an option” page and click on “Advanced options.”
  • Now, you should click on system restore and computer will start restarting to system restore.
  • Click on “Next” option.
  • To restore any specific disk, choose that disk and click “Next” button.
  • Finally, the restoration gets completed and click “Restart” button. Thus, your computer system will be saved from freeze error now. If still the error continues, you can call at toll free Windows 8.1 Support Number 1-844-200-0209 for instant help.


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