Top Latest Features of Windows 8.1 Operating System for Users

If you are a new user of a computer, you should need windows 8.1 OS. This is very latest, easy to use and quick to result, so it has become the first choice of windows 8.1 users. Whether you are seeking to improve windows 8.1 experience or enjoying windows 8.1 OS eagerly, below are top ten of windows 8.1 operating system top features:-

  1. Start Button is Back: - Microsoft took this longtime staple back, even though it still takes users to app-focused modern Start screen rather than old school start menu.
  1. Direct Boot to Desktop is also Back: - If you wish to skip windows8’s modern start screen and windows 8.1 permits it again. If you want to ask any information about this program, you can call at Windows 8.1 Operating System Support Number 1-844-200-0209 for instant help.

  1. Supportive Usability Tools are Everywhere: - This program attains with a new assistance +tips app and hold the visual tutorial ones. 
  1. Performance Levels are Improved: - Internet Explorer 11 displays unbelievable speed increases from Windows 7 and even 8, although apps like Mail, Camera, Xbox Music and reading list also enjoy foremost improvements.
  1. Personalization Options are Enhanced: - New colors are provided for customized start screen backgrounds or you can duplicate your desktop onto the start screen and giving Windows 8.1 a consistent feel.
  1. SkyDrive is Made for File Syncing: - SkyDrive is very helpful on wide range of tablets Microsoft is expanding into. If you have any problem, you can call at Windows 8.1 Operating System Support Phone Number 1-844-200-0209 for quick results.
  1. Press & Hold Command Replaces the Small Swipe: - Anybody used to windows 8 may hope as a step backwards. But for new users coming to 8.1 from windows 7 or an older OS, press and hold is far more instinctive than the small swipe. 
  1. Innovative Bing Smart Search Does it all: - Open search pane and type in a query. Windows scans files on your PC desktop and SkyDrive, in your email within apps and on Internet to deliver ample consequences.

  1. Wireless Skills are Beefed up:- Microsoft concentrated on near-field communication (NFC) with Windows 8.1 and enhancing wireless print and display abilities.
  1. PC Settings Pane is Enhanced:- Microsoft has brought control panel options into one updated interface. This change may not seem showy but this is sure that welcome in terms of efficiency and productivity. If you have any confusion about this application, you can call Windows 8.1 Operating System Support Services team for instant responses.


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