Get Live Windows 7 Tech Support to Tackle Technical Boo-Boos

Windows 7 operating system is a latest version of Microsoft, which is mainly used on desktops, tablets, laptops and notebooks. It has new and upcoming features, therefore it is mainly used for various computing devices. It has some unique and amazing features which are given below:-

Speed:- The users had experienced several incompatibilities and speed down error with Vista but Windows 7 is more responsive with speed. It is a speedier OS that assists to increase the speed of the computer system.

Automatic Varying Wallpaper- Firstly, it offers an automatic wallpaper changing feature to make it amazing. It offers sound affects with wallpapers, built in themes, colors and designs. You can choose more than one wallpaper in personalized menu. After a certain time period, it will hobble automatically. If you want to ask more about this operating system, you should call at toll free Windows 7 Operating Systems Tech Support Phone Number 1-844-200-0209 immediately.
Direct Access- This important feature offers the facilities for multiple users. It enables remote access over the network. It assists to create a"Bi-Directional Link" over the internet. If you want to use these direct access features, you should install Windows Server 2008 R2 operating system.
Quick boosting- The most amazing feature is its faster booting time. It offers 20% faster booting as compared to previous operating system. While its Predecessors takes 35 seconds only but windows 7 takes online 25 seconds to appear login prompt on the computer.  If you want to know more about this operating system, you must call at toll free Windows 7 Operating Systems Technical Support Phone Number 1-844-200-0209 for immediate responses.
Libraries- For user comfort and convenience, it offers library facility. You can find simply pictures, documents, videos and music stored on your computer or network.
Home Group- You can create simply a home network with the assistance of its home group facility. You can connect with more than two computer systems which have the same operating system. It assists to begin sharing printers, libraries and documents with other users automatically. To remember your privacy, use password protection for Home Group. Use “Read only button” only to show your stuff to other users.
Windows XP Mode- Almost all the applications of XP run on Windows 7 operating system but till few applications which create compatibility errors. Therefore, just take the advantage of very amazing feature “Windows XP Mode”. This will help you to run the full functional version of windows XP because it uses “Virtual PC” tool. For any unsolved technical problem, call at toll free Windows 7 Operating System Support Phone Number 1-844-200-0209 for instant help.


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